CAA APPROVED Operations Manuals For Small Unmanned Aircraft ( Drones )

Open Sky Consulting is the leading, independent UK supplier of UAV ( drone ) Operations Manuals and consultation.

Our dedicated and experienced team have thousands of hours in both manned and unmanned aircraft, in many countries around the world so you can trust us to provide quality documentation and advice.

We have already successfully produced over 300 CAA-approved Operations Manuals for PfCO holders across the UK which have been accepted by all the main CAA National Qualified Entities ( NQEs ).

Operations Manuals can be daunting to write, particularly for operators new to the world of aviation. The document which we will produce for you will be an original work, tailored to you and will outline, in clear black and white, how you will conduct safe and legal operations; from planning to flight operations.

Without an Operations Manual, you cannot obtain a Permission for Commercial Operations ( PfCO [formerly known as a PfAW] ) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ).

Our expert team is here to save you the hassle, worry and time, from writing this; and to help get you operating commercially and providing a return on your investment in no time. All we'll need from you is a few simple details and we can get writing straight away. You can either complete the form below and send it over to us or drop us a line via email or telephone.

We offer a couple of different options for the creation of your Operations Manual depending on the time frame required for delivery and we offer a discount of £100 to ICARUS Candidates if your Ops Manual is ordered from us prior to you completing your Groundschool course.


ICARUS Candidates (Including discount) £299

STANDARD (delivered within 10 business days) £399

EXPRESS (delivered within 2 business days) £499

Operations Manual - RFI Form

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